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Parenting is sometimes difficult.
We make asking for help easy.

Choose one of our experienced and reliable babysitters and easily ask for help.

Leave your information below and we will call you to discuss your needs! 

Or tell us more about your family, and we will suggest suitable babysitters:

Lastenhoitaja leikkii lapsen kanssa hiekkalaatikossa, tarjoten laadukasta lastenhoitoa puistoympäristössä Suomessa.

It's this simple

1. You decide, when.

Life with kids is sometimes unpredictable, and it is part of the charm! We do our best to keep up and offer help, even at short notice. 

2. You decide, who.

It takes courage to invite strangers to your home, let alone to take care of your kids. We know our babysitters and take time to present them to you, so that you can choose the best fit for your kid. 

3. We take care of the rest.

You've asked for babysitting help in order to save time, not waste it, and we get that. We handle payments and paper work so that you can focus on something more pleasant.

Lastenhoitaja ja pieni lapsi lukevat kirjaa Suomessa.

How are your babysitters chosen?

  1. 30-minute interview. In the interview, our babysitters' skills and motivation have been assessed using questions developed by early childhood education professionals.

  2. Previous childcare experience. Many of our babysitters work in daycare centers or are studying in the field. Their experience has been verified, for example, by calling a reference.

  3. Background checks. We check the identity documents and any first aid certificates, etc., for all babysitters. We also verify the criminal record extract on behalf of the family at no extra charge.

Esimerkkejä hoitajistamme


20 vuotta

"Olen hoitanut naapurin lapsia nuoresta asti, ja sijaistanut päiväkodeissa noin vuoden ajan. Lasten kanssa työskennellessä jokainen päivä on erilainen, kun aina löytyy uutta puuhaa, mihin uppoutua yhdessä."
Helmiina Tolvanen.jpeg

How can we help?

Regular babysitting

Our babysitters assist children weekly in various activities such as daycare trips, meal times, outdoor play, hobby transportation, and bedtime routines. If a family's regular Tuttu babysitter falls ill, we strive to arrange a substitute.

Care for a sick child

Most of our babysitters also take care of sick or recovering children who are not yet able to return to daycare. We are usually able to help even with requests that come in on the same morning!

A single visit

You can find a reliable babysitter for unexpected situations through us. So, don't hesitate to ask for help even at short notice!


While waiting for daycare to start or as an alternative to family daycare, your baby or toddler can be cared for by a Tuttu babysitter.

Language learning

Our babysitters are native speakers of various languages including Finnish, English, Swedish, French, Spanish, Estonian, Russian, Somali, Greek, and Hungarian, and they can support your child's language development through play and exercises.

Babysitting for holidays

If the daycare is closed during holidays, your first-grader needs company during the long summer vacation, or if you want a babysitter to accompany you on a holiday, we are happy to help.

How much does babysitting cost?

Babysitting through our service costs on average 22-25 €/h before the household tax deduction, and under ten euros per hour after the deduction. The same rate applies to all days of the week and at all times.

Our babysitters set their own rate, which is always significantly more than half of the total cost. High school-aged babysitters typically charge around €10-12/hour, while more experienced ones ask for €13-16/hour. The price also includes the Tuttu's service fee (15-25%) and VAT (24%).

In 2024, babysitting expenses are eligible for a 60% household tax deduction.

Lastenhoitaja ja kaksi lasta leikkivät lehdillä Suomessa.

Don't just take our word for it

We made asking for help easy.
Tell us about your family and let us suggest babysitters that are just right for you.

Lastenhoitaja kävelee kahden lapsen kanssa pihalla Suomessa.
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