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Babysitter for the summer

Does your first-grader need a babysitter for the long summer vacation, or is the daycare closed even though the parents have work? Find a reliable and competent babysitter in Helsinki, Espoo, Vantaa, and Kauniainen.

All our summer babysitters are experienced and love children. They have been interviewed, and their criminal background, identity, and possible references have been checked.

There is a limited number of babysitters for the summer, so make your inquiry as soon as possible! We offer a free introductory visit. If everything goes well, book the same trusted babysitter for your children for a week, or even the whole summer! Prices start at €7.60/hour after the household tax deduction.

We believe that babysitting should save time, not take it. That's why we handle the paperwork – you just need to pay the bill 😎

Tell us about your family and summer schedules, and we will suggest babysitters for you!

Lastenhoitaja ja kaksi lasta syövät välipalaa penkillä puistossa Suomessa.

Explore our summer packages

17-19-year-old sitter

Starting from 7,60 €/hour

after household tax deduction

A motivated and child-loving babysitter with extensive experience working with children, for example through directing camps, coaching, or taking care of relatives' children.

19-25-year-old sitter

Starting from 9,20 €/hour

after household tax deduction

An experienced top babysitter who has worked in places like daycares. High school or vocational education has been completed, and many are pursuing studies in early education.

Pricing for summer packages

Choose from four packages depending on how much babysitting assistance you need. Please let us know at the time of ordering when you would like the babysitting to start, as this will affect the babysitters offered. You can arrange precise schedules together with your babysitter.

The babysitting hours must be used as follows:

  • 40 hours: Available within 2 weeks of starting

  • 80 hours: Available within 3 weeks of starting

  • 120 hours: Available within 4 weeks of starting

  • 160 hours: Available within 5 weeks of starting

Unused hours are not compensated.

In 2024, babysitting is eligible for a 60% household tax deduction. You can either order a new tax card to benefit from the deduction immediately or wait for tax refunds. There is a deductible of 100 euros, and the maximum deduction available is 3500 euros per adult.

Prices after household tax deduction

Prices include the babysitter's compensation, service fee, and 24% VAT.

Prices without household tax deduction

Prices include the babysitter's compensation, service fee, and 24% VAT.

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How are your babysitters chosen?

  1. 30-minute interview. In the interview, our babysitters' skills and motivation have been assessed using questions developed by early childhood education professionals.

  2. Previous childcare experience. Many of our babysitters work in daycare centers or are studying in the field. Their experience has been verified, for example, by calling a reference.

  3. Background checks. We check the identity documents and any first aid certificates, etc., for all babysitters. We also verify the criminal record extract on behalf of the family at no extra charge.

We made asking for help easy.
Tell us about your family and let us suggest babysitters that are just right for you.

Lastenhoitaja kävelee kahden lapsen kanssa pihalla Suomessa.
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