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Vanhemmuus on joskus vaikeaa.
Teemme avun pyytämisestä helppoa.

Löydä luotettava ja osaava lastenhoitaja joustavasti ja vaivattomasti. 

Jätä soittopyyntö, niin jutellaan hoitotarpeestasi matalalla kynnyksellä!


Tai täytä lyhyt lomake ja anna meidän ehdottaa 

perheellesi sopivia hoitajia: 

Näin helppoa se on

Sinä valitset, milloin.

Lapsiperheessä vauhtia piisaa ja tilanteet elävät, ja se kuuluu asiaan. Pyrimme pysymään perässä ja tarjoamaan apua lyhyelläkin varoitusajalla.

Sinä valitset, kuka.

On ikävää joutua arvuuttelemaan, kuka kotiin on tulossa. Me tunnemme hoitajamme ja esittelemme heidät sinulle rauhassa, jotta voit valita lapsillesi sopivan tyypin.

Me hoidamme loput.

Lastenhoidon on tarkoitus säästää aikaa, ei viedä sitä. Me pistämme maksut ja paperit järjestykseen, niin sinä voit keskittyä olennaiseen. 

Tutusta sanottua

”Lapseni tykkäsi kovasti, kun hoitaja jaksoi pelata ja leikkiä. Ihana tyyppi. Buukkaan mielelläni uudelleen.”

Meri, 4-vuotiaan pojan äiti Kalliosta

  • Who your babysitters are?
    All our babysitters are at least 16 years old and they already have some experience in babysitting. We interview all the applicants and make sure they are warm and positive individuals. We also check the recommendations and criminal record. We are taking good care of our babysitters because they do important job while looking after your kids. If you are looking for specific skills, babysitters' profiles show details about their experience on for instance children with disabilities or chronic diseases.
  • What are the duties of the babysitter?
    Tuttu is the trusted adult for your child while you are doing something else. They can for instance draw, cook or play outside together, or pick the kids up at the nursery. Our babysitter's tasks do not include cleaning or household chores.
  • How do I order a babysitter?
    Go to the Book tab and tell us your schedule and other wishes. We assume that you have the treatment at home, unless you write otherwise in the additional information. When you click "Send a request", we will send your request to available caregivers who are suitable for your family. You will receive a notification on your phone when the nurse has announced that they want to come to you. In the application, you can visit the caregivers' own pages, exchange messages if you want, and choose the right person. It is recommended to confirm the nurse as quickly as possible, especially if there is a short time for the treatment visit. We are constantly developing the operation of the reservation system, and if there are any shortcomings in the service, please give feedback.
  • How much does it cost?
    Babysitters can set their own fees, so we unfortunately do not have a generalized answer to this one. Right now we estimate that that this year, the total price (including all the fees) would be approximately 10-15 euros after the household tax deduction, but this will become more clear in due course.
  • Oh, and one more thing: what is household tax deduction?
    Well, in the taxation of 2023 you can deduct whopping 60 percent of the price of babysitting services taking place at home. This has some limitations: the right to deduction only starts after spending the first 100 euros and goes up to 3500 euros per calendar year (although in a couple, you can double it). Of course this only applies if you pay your taxes under Finnish national scheme. For more knowledgeable explanation, you can see the website of Finnish Tax Administration 😉
  • Millä alueella Tuttu-lastenhoitopalvelu toimii?
    Tällä hetkellä voimme suositella hoitajia perheellesi pidempään yhteistyöhön, jos asut Itä-Espoossa (Leppävaaran tai Tapiolan alueella) tai Helsingissä. Kertatilauksia voimme ottaa vastaan ainoastaan Helsingissä 00100-00600-postinumeroalueilla asuvilta perheiltä, koska tällä alueella meillä on eniten hoitajia. Pyrimme laajentamaan palvelualuettamme mahdollisimman pian!
  • What if the nurse cancels at the last minute or doesn't show up at all? 😳
    Oh no, these are the most disgusting situations of all! We have instructed the nurses to report the changes as soon as possible, but there is always nothing to do with unexpected obstacles. Call us and we'll try our best to arrange a replacement nurse for you.

Kysymyksiä tai ajatuksia?
Ota yhteyttä Reeta Niemoseen: 
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