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Our pricing explained

More than half of the price you pay goes directly to the babysitter. Our babysitters set their own rates, considering factors such as their age and experience, the number of children being cared for, the time of the visit, and the length of the commute. So far, the average rate for a babysitter has been €14/hour.

Tuttu's service fee initially is 25%, but it decreases gradually as the cooperation between the family and their chosen Tuttu babysitter deepens. The service fee covers the selection, training, and recommendation of babysitters, free trial visits, substitute search, payment processing, other administrative work, and customer service. Additionally, a 24% value-added tax is added to the price.

In 2024, childcare expenses are eligible for a 60% household deduction. The deduction has a €100 deductible and can be up to €3,500 per adult.

You can use our calculator to get a more detailed estimate of regular and one-time care costs.

Calculate your price

Babysitter's rate (€/hour)

3 tuntia viikossa

1 kk jälkeen

9.26 €/tunti

23.15 €/tunti ilman kotitalousvähennystä

124.99 €/kk

312.48 €/kk ilman kotitalousvähennystä

The price of babysitting is based on the sum of the babysitter's compensation and Tuttu's service fee (15-25 %), on top of which a value-added tax (24 %) has been added. The service fee decreases in steps through recurring use.

  • Who are your babysitters?
    All our sitters are at least 16 years old and they have prior experience with kids, for example through coaching sports, leading camps, babysitting or working in a kindergarten. All our sitters have participated in a 30-minute interview, in which their skills and motivation have been tested using questions developed by early childhood education professionals. In the selection, we have emphasized a genuine interest in children and actively engaging with them.
  • What are the duties of the babysitter?
    Tuttu on lapsesi luottoaikuinen sillä aikaa, kun sinä hoidat muita juttuja. Hoitaja voi leikkiä, piirtää tai ulkoilla yhdessä lasten kanssa, hakea heidät päiväkodista tai viedä harrastuksiin. Hänen hommansa on olla läsnä lapsille, eikä hän siksi esim. tee kotitöitä tai siivoa.
  • How do I book a babysitter?
    On our website, you can ask us to call you or fill in a short form. We will propose you some suitable sitters and all that you need to do is to confirm if you find one that suits your family.
  • How much does it cost?
    Thus far the price of the service has been 6-10€ per hour after household tax deduction (15,50-25€ before it). The price consists of the hourly fee set by the sitter, the service fee of Tuttu (currently 25 %) and VAT (24 %). You can compare prices before you confirm the booking. Paying for our service is easy: we will send you an invoice monthly and that's it 👍
  • Oh, and one more thing: what is household tax deduction?
    In the taxation of 2024 you can deduct a whopping 60 percent of the price of babysitting services taking place at home. This has some limitations: the right to deduction only starts after spending the first 100 euros and goes up to 3500 euros per calendar year (although in a couple, you can double it). Of course this only applies if you pay your taxes under Finnish national scheme. For a more detailed explanation, you can visit the website of Finnish Tax Administration 😉
  • In which cities do you operate?
    If you need a sitter urgently or prefer them to live close to you, most of our sitters live in Helsinki. But whether you live in Helsinki, Espoo, Vantaa or Kauniainen, please contact us and we will do our best to help you out!
  • What if the babysitter cancels at the last minute or doesn't show up at all? 😳
    Oh no! We have instructed the sitters to inform you about the changes asap, but of course it's not always possible. Please call or message us and we'll try our best to arrange a replacement for you!

We made asking for help easy.
Tell us about your family and let us suggest babysitters that are just right for you.

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