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Tips for the trial session

🕗 Discuss the timing of the babysitting sessions if it hasn’t been done already. We recommend agreeing on a regular schedule, and discussing changes well in advance. Are there any long breaks, trips, or other unusual occurrences? After your trial session, Tuttu will create you a common WhatsApp-group for arranging the schedules 👍

🤒 What to do if the child falls ill just before a scheduled visit? Some babysitters also take care of children with or recovering from mild illnesses. 

📌 Talk about the content of the work. Does the job include transportation, picking up from daycare, or anything else special? 

📝 Go over any possible allergies and illnesses of the child, as well as related instructions. If the babysitter gives the child medication, there must be written instructions, for example, on a note.

📞 Agree on a contact person who can be reached if the parent cannot be contacted during care.

🏠 Explore the house! Where are the first aid supplies, children's spare and outdoor clothes, toys, and strollers?

🙅‍♀️ Discuss the family rules. Where is it allowed to play, what to eat, and are there any limits on gaming or phone use?

🧸 If there is time, go over other useful matters related to child care. What does the child like to play with? How do they calm down? What works when they miss their parents?

Have fun together! 🪁

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