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Checklist before the babysitting session

📞 Make sure you have each other's contact information and agree on how to reach the parent if needed. Also agree on a backup contact person in case the parent doesn't respond for some reason.

🏠 Go over where to find first aid supplies, children's spare and outdoor clothes, toys, strollers, etc., at home. Agree on the keys if you plan to go outdoors with the child.

📝 Review any possible allergies and illnesses of the child and related instructions. If the child is given medication, there should be written instructions, for example, on a note.

🕗 Discuss the child's important times, like when to eat, take naps, or go to bed at night.

🧸 Go over other useful aspects of child care. What does the child like to play with? How do they calm down? What works if they miss their parents?

🙅‍♀️ Discuss the family rules. Where is it allowed to play, what to eat, and are there any restrictions on gaming or phone use?

😴 If it's already evening, review the child's bedtime rituals and instructions.

🚽 If the child is young, review whether they use diapers or are already using the potty or toilet. Are there any special instructions for bathroom visits?

Have fun together! 🪁

P.S. Please note that a Tuttu babysitter does not clean or do actual housework. However, it's polite to leave the home in the same condition as it was found! 😇

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