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Tips for babysitting work

Please do not:​​

  • Be late for the scheduled time. If you realize you're going to be late, call the parent immediately. If a last-minute issue arises, call Reeta at +358 407317021 as soon as possible.

  • Use your personal phone for non-work-related matters.

  • Take the child anywhere or in your own car without the parent's permission.

  • Give the child any medication without the parent's written consent.

  • Forget about confidentiality. Never share any private matters of the family.

Instead, do the following!

  • Dress the child appropriately for the weather and according to the parent's instructions when going outside.

  • Bring your own snacks, especially for longer sessions. Although some families may offer food.

  • Focus on the child 😊 You don't need to do housework. However, it's polite to leave the home as you found it.

  • You can send the parent updates via text during the visit, sharing what activities you're doing together. If it's okay to take photos of the child, you can include a picture.

  • Have fun and engage in activities together! (But if the child prefers to play alone, there's no need to force interaction).

In case of emergencies:

  • If any accidents or close calls happen, please inform the parent. In more serious situations, call 112 immediately.

  • If the parent is late and unresponsive, never leave the child alone or without a parent. Instead, contact the backup person or Reeta at +358 40 7317021.

  • If you believe the child is not safe at home, please call the Helsinki social emergency services at phone 0206 96006 or Reeta.

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